Advanced NDT Non Destructive Testing Rope Access Technician performing NDT inspection on a large tank on and oil and gas refinery

Advanced NDT

With over forty years experience in the Inspection industry, SONOMATIC provide highly trained PCN qualified Technicians to perform a number of advanced non destructive testing techniques that work to ensure reliable operating processes within regulations, codes and to our various accreditations, whether it be to BINDT, UKAS, IRATA, ConstructionLine, FPAL and Achilles.

Advanced NDT services

In addition to our Conventional NDT Inspection capabilities and methods, Sonomatic RAIS also provide Advanced NDT techniques:

  • Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC), Eddyfi® Lyft™
  • Phased Array
  • TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)
  • Surface Array and Tube Inspection, Eddyfi® Ectane® 2
  • ACFM, Eddyfi® TSC Amigo 2 - with probes that can reach 450 degrees
  • Pipe Elbow Inspection with Flexoform
  • Long-Range UT
  • Short Range Guided Wave
  • Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle Inspection
  • Composite Wrap Application and Inspection
  • Tank Floor Scanning
  • Flux Leakage
  • RMS Crawler
  • EMAT
  • 3D Laser Scanner
  • Remote Digital Visual and Robotic Services


Alternating current field measurement (ACFM) is an electromagnetic technique used for the detection and sizing of surface breaking cracks in metallic components and welds. 

It combines the advantages of the alternating current potential drop (ACPD) technique and Eddy Current Testing (ECT) in terms of defect sizing without calibration and ability to work without electrical contact respectively.

Eddy Current Tubes

Surface array challenges are something that companies face every day. When it comes to surface applications, the performance of any given inspection technique depends greatly on the specific conditions — mostly the types of materials and defects, but also surface conditions, cleanliness, etc.

In addition to our conventional ability to carry out Eddy Current through coated welds to determine surface-breaking defects, we also offer advanced Eddy Current Tube Inspection Techniques including Surface Array and Tube Inspection.

Phased Array

Image of Sonomatic RAIS team members inspecting

Corrosion under insulation (CUI), corrosion blistering and scabs, flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), corrosion under fireproofing (CUF), and corrosion under coatings are possibly the greatest unresolved asset integrity problems in the industry. 

Current methods used to measure wall thickness over lift off, without removing insulation, all have severe limitations and existing pulsed eddy current (PEC) solutions rely on outdated technology. It’s time for evolution – and phased array ultrasonic testing is that evolution.

Short Range Guided Wave

Beautiful sun peaking through the Sonomatic RAIS Rope Access and Inspection Services truck with the North Sea in the background on site at The Core multi disciplined NDT facility in Aberdeen Scotland

The use of Short-Range Guided Wave Ultrasonics makes it possible to inspect hidden areas of concern that are normally unreachable using conventional Ultrasonics or alternative methods of inspection. 

Short Range Guided Wave Inspection utilises Bulk Wave Ultrasonics to effectively scan distances as far as 1 meter along components to screen for areas of material loss from corrosion and pitting.


Time of Flight Diffraction, TOFD for short, can be used for a number of different applications, however it is primarily used for rapid weld testing of circumferential and axial weld seams or perpendicular TOFD scanning. SONOMATIC RAIS offers TOFD using the Olympus Omniscan inspection technology. 

TOFD offers rapid weld inspection with excellent flaw detection and sizing capacities. The diffraction technique provides critical sizing capability with relative indifference to bevel angle or flaw orientation. TOFD can be utilized on its own or in conjunction with other NDT techniques.

Infrared (IR) Thermography

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) being performed by Sonomatic RAIS Rope Access and Inspection Services Technicians on site at a refinery

Detects temperature variations and has been widely used to detect breakdowns of thermal insulation of cryogenic storage vessels and thermal linings of furnaces etc. Areas of damaged and waterlogged insulation can be detected using this technique.

Thermography does not give a definitive indication of corrosion, but highlights areas where corrosion may develop in the future. The possibility of intermittent wetting and drying-out of insulation, especially on hot plant and pipework, leading to a misleading result needs to be kept in mind.

Pulsed Eddy Current

A Sonomatic RAIS Rope Access and Inspection Services Technician providing Eddy Current Inspection, just one of the various techniques offered by the NDT company

SONOMATIC RAIS offers Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) using Eddyfi® Lyft™ inspection technology. The system allows measurements to be taken through any non-conductive materials such as insulation, protective coatings, concrete, and marine growth, without requiring any direct contact with the inspection surface.

State-of-the-art instrument; real-time C-scan imaging; fast data acquisition (up to 15 readings per second) with grid and dynamic scanning modes; and great flexibility thanks to extension cables, probe shoes, and an extension pole. Using the Lyft probes, Sonomatic can scan through thick metal and insulation.

Tube Inspection

In addition to our conventional ability to carry out Eddy Current through coated welds to determine surface-breaking defects, we also offer advanced Eddy Current Techniques including Surface Array and Tube Inspection across a range of assets including Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Feed water heaters and condensers.

Sonomatic RAIS provides comprehensive tube inspection techniques, utilising the Eddyfi Ectane 2, across a range of assets including Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Feed water heaters and condensers.

  • Standard Eddy Current
  • Remote Field Testing Partial Saturated Eddy Current (Mag Bias)
  • Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS)
  • Near Field Testing
  • Near Field Array
  • Eddy Current Array

Coating Inspection

Sonomatic has developed a Quality Assurance System and procedures to control both our national and international quality inspection operators, which is independently accredited to ISO 9001.

With access to a global network or locally based, Sonomatic provide skilled and competent quality assurance personnel and inspectors that can be quickly mobilized to meet your exact requirements in the UK, continental Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

Sonomatic has undertaken inspection and expediting services for most major oil and gas clients throughout the world and is familiar with the plant layouts, operations, and locations.

  • Vendor/Supplier Quality Surveillance
  • Coating Inspection
  • Witness Testing
  • Welding Inspection
  • NDT Surveillance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Manpower Support
  • Project Management
  • Inspection Coordination

Coating Application

Our experience and expertise allow us to work closely with our clients, to manage the integrity of their assets safely and in a cost-effective manner. Sonomatic supply End-to-end service including technical support and advice, and site surveys through to safe and efficient implementation.

  • Internal vessel and tank linings
  • External corrosion protection
  • Non-skid walkways
  • Composite wraps and linings
  • Specialist coating systems
  • Corrosion under insulation remediation

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