Hydrostatic Testing being performed by a Sonomatic RAIS Rope Access and Inspection Services Technicians in the Hydro Bay at The Core in Aberdeen Scotland

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydro testing of pipes, pipelines and vessels is performed within our specially designed and constructed Hydro Bays, to expose defective materials that may have missed prior detection, to ensure that any remaining defects are insignificant enough to allow operation at design pressures, to expose possible leaks and to serve as a final validation of the integrity of the constructed system. ASME B31.3 requires this testing to ensure tightness and strength.

Buried high pressure oil and gas pipelines are tested for strength by pressurising them to at least 125% of their maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) at any point along their length.

Hydrostatic tests are conducted under the constraints of either the industry’s or the customer’s specifications or may be required by law.

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