Short Range Guided Wave

The use of Short-Range Guided Wave Ultrasonics makes it possible to inspect hidden areas of concern that are normally unreachable using conventional Ultrasonics or alternative methods of inspection. Short Range Guided Wave Inspection utilises Bulk Wave Ultrasonics to effectively scan distances as far as 1 meter along components to screen for areas of material loss from corrosion and pitting.


  • Effective screening tool for searching for material loss in hidden locations
  • Highly productive Inspection
  • Instant Results
  • Highly portable equipment – equivalent to one UT set and probe
  • Electronic data
  • Minimal inspection team, (potential one person)
  • Rope Access deployable.


  • Trunnion inspection – highly effective for locating and categorising corrosion within trunnions
  • Pipe support inspection – Assessment of corrosion found at Pipe Supports (CUPS)
  • Deck penetrations – Capable of locating and assessing hidden corrosion at deck penetrations
  • Vessel saddle inspection – Scan Vessel shell for hidden material loss under the Vessel Saddle
  • Deck plate inspection – Scan Deck plates for areas of corrosion on far wall of plate
  • Storage Tank Annular ring inspection – Ideal for the inspection of Tank annular rings where there is no internal access to tank floor to monitor for corrosion
  • Soil to Air Interface – Detection of corrosion and material loss below ground level where pipe work penetrates ground

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