About Sonomatic Rais

Sonomatic RAIS offers a comprehensive range of inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT) and maintenance packages, supported by cutting-edge specialist access systems.

As part of the CWL Group, alongside other companies made up of complementary and specialist service providers assisting us to innovate in project delivery across multiple market verticals, Sonomatic RAIS collaborates to provide clients with a unified, one-call solution. The collective strengths of the Group unite to streamline the process, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Our inspection services cover a spectrum of complexities, from basic to advanced, utilising various methods such as rope access, robotics, crawlers, and operations on land,

offshore, and subsea. What sets us apart is our unique approach to surface preparation, achieved through our patented laser cleaning system.

By engaging with the CWL Group, clients benefit from a comprehensive service, where access teams safely navigate challenging environments, and our patented laser system performs efficient surface preparation. This not only minimises downtime significantly but also ensures no damage to the existing substrate, no mess, and minimal environmental impact.

Together, we strive to deliver excellence through collaboration, innovation, and technological advancement.

A graphic of RAIS' four core values as an NDT inspection business
A graphic of RAIS' four core values as an NDT inspection business

Dedicated Teams

An image of Sonomatic RAIS inspectors

Sonomatic RAIS provides technicians all over the world, off-shore and on-shore. We can supply teams that specialise in shut-downs on a global basis. From joining the pre-shutdown client’s team to managing or supporting shutdowns, we bring experience, confidence, and commitment.

All Sonomatic RAIS technicians are fully trained, competent, and vastly experienced in their chosen fields. Where an NDT qualification is available, our technicians are trained to PCN Level II as a minimum. Where a Rope Access Qualification is available, our technicians are trained and qualified under IRATA. In addition to the accredited standards, Sonomatic RAIS endeavours to undertake continual staff monitoring, training, and development to ensure we remain the industry leaders.

Our team of multi-disciplined mobile technicians are on hand 24/7 and available to support our clients for work at their premises, on-site throughout the UK/abroad and offshore.

Health, safety, and environmental excellence

At Sonomatic RAIS, we recognise the link between good health, safety and environmental performance and commercial success. We also recognise that we have a duty of care to minimise the risks from our activities to all stakeholders including employees, contractors, visitors, regulators, shareholders, clients, landlords, and others affected by our activities.


Sonomatic RAIS are full-time members of the Grangemouth Contractors Safety Alliance (GCSA) and sponsor the Safety Rep Committee at our Grangemouth location. We are committed to promoting mental health awareness within our workplace and beyond and played a significant role in producing and promoting the award-winning short film called #NOSTIGMA.

Rope Access for Sonomatic RAIS Rope Access and Inspection Services are dedicated to Safety Guidelines
We were honored to receive 3 outstanding awards from Safety Groups UK (SHUK) in 2020 for our mental health video:
A Sonomatic RAIS-branded hard hat
Sonomatic RAIS is committed to:
  • Continuously improving the health, safety and welfare of all our stakeholders.
  • Minimising the number and consequences of accidents.
  • Achieving a zero SHE incident status, preventing pollution.
  • Systematically identifying risks from our activities arising from facilities, equipment or people.
  • Controlling identified risks by ensuring that appropriate resources are available for both planning and operations.
  • Continually reducing the direct adverse environmental effects of our activities.
  • Maximising the health, safety and environmental benefits of our products and services.


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