A petrochemical plant where RAIS can perform non-destructive testing


Sonomatic RAIS provides conventional and advanced NDT Services in the Petrochemical sector. We offer global inspections that deliver comprehensive results while your plant is in operation as well as traditional interval based inspection programs.

Our focus is never diluted, from the second we engage on site, Sonomatic RAIS will complete a health check on all current systems and procedures, presenting you with our views on how we think the contract should best move forward.


The UK’s petrochemical sector is a vital component of its industrial landscape, contributing significantly to the economy and supporting downstream industries.

Petrochemicals, derived from petroleum or natural gas, serve as essential building blocks for diverse products, including plastics, synthetic fibers, pharmaceuticals, and fertilisers.

Upshot of the refinery taken with blue skies - Sonomatic hold incumbent contracts for NDT and Rope Access at Petrochemical, Oil and Gas and other refineries
Key Components:
  • Feedstocking and refining: Petrochemicals such as ethylene and propylene, are derived from crude oil and natural gas through refining processes in the UK.
  • Major petrochemical products: Ethylene and propylene are crucial for manufacturing plastics and synthetic materials used in packaging, construction, automotive, and consumer goods.
  • Plastics industry: The sector is closely linked to the plastics industry, producing polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC for various applications.
  • Challenges and opportunities: The sector faces challenges from market volatility and regulatory changes but has opportunities for growth through sustainable practices and innovation.
A RAIS worker standing in front of an Petrochemical plant
  • Investments and infrastructure: Ongoing investments in modernising facilities and adopting advanced technologies are essential for maintaining competitiveness.
  • Environmental and regulatory considerations: The sector is adapting to environmental concerns by reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and exploring sustainable practices.
  • In summary, the UK's petrochemical sector plays a pivotal role in the economy, supplying essential materials and facing challenges through innovation and adaptation. Ongoing efforts in sustainability and modernisation are crucial for its continued success in a dynamic global market.


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