Specialist & Rope Access Services

Sonomatic RAIS offers a wide variety of services that include inspection, work at height consultations, suspended working platforms, tensioned netting systems, confined space work, confined space rescue cover and many more. These services can be carried out across all sectors, including but not exhaustive to offshore/onshore oil and gas, petrochemical industries, renewable energy industries, civil engineering, the built and natural environment.


Sonomatic RAIS is a leading provider of specialist industrial rope access services with vast experience within the industry and will supply experienced multi-skilled technicians that look to exceed our client’s expectations, our management team will diligently project manage all work from conception to completion.

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Our Specialised Rope Access Services

IRATA Rope Access
Tension Netting
Engineered Decking
Safety Netting
Custom Access Platforms
Yet another image of the Sonomatic RAIS SPHERA Crawler performing a surface inspection, including the Halo system
The Halo System

Benefits of Rope Access


Rope access systems are designed with a strong focus on safety, with multiple levels of redundancy built into the system. It’s considered one of the safest methods to work at height or in difficult-to-access areas.

In addition to the inherent safety of the rope access systems themselves, their use also contributes to overall site safety. For instance, there is no risk of falling objects that can occur with scaffold setups and there’s also less ground-level congestion. 

Furthermore, rope access technicians are highly trained in safe work practices, further reducing the risk of accidents.

Efficiency and Speed

Rope access requires less setup time than traditional methods such as scaffolding or aerial work platforms, allowing work to commence quickly. It’s also highly adaptable to changing conditions or scope of work.

The enhanced speed and efficiency of rope access don’t just reduce the time it takes to carry out inspections, they also reduce the total time a facility or structure must accommodate inspection activities. This minimises disruption to normal operations, whether that means less time diverting traffic for a bridge inspection or less time off-air for an antenna inspection. It also allows for more flexible scheduling of inspections to suit the needs of the client.


Rope access requires less equipment and fewer personnel than traditional access methods, resulting in significant cost savings. Also, it minimises downtime, a critical factor for industries like oil and gas where operational disruptions can be expensive.

The cost savings associated with rope access come in several forms. Direct cost savings stem from reduced equipment and personnel requirements. Indirect savings come from less downtime, quicker inspections, and the ability to detect and address issues early before they lead to more costly repairs. Over time, these savings can add up significantly, offering a high return on investment for companies utilising rope access services for their NDT needs.


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