In-Service Inspection

All engineered equipment has a finite life cycle and deteriorates over time with use. Sonomatic RAIS provides comprehensive in-service and offline inspection services, using our knowledgeable and experienced inspectors, across a range of industries to assist our clients with their asset integrity management and ensure industry compliance with code, statutory regulations and legislative requirements.

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Pressure Vessel In-Service Inspection (ISI)

An image of an in-progress pressure vessel in-service inspection

In-Service Inspection (ISI) and offline inspection are essential to the safe and reliable operation of pressure vessels and pressure piping systems. The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) requires that ISI and offline inspection of pressure equipment, begins immediately after baseline inspections and the commissioning of pressure vessels for operation. This includes the inspection of pressure vessels, boilers and pressure pipe systems that may interconnect items of the pressure plant that contain relevant fluids. Pressure vessel inspection is performed to ensure the safety and integrity of pressure vessels until at least the next inspection is due.

Sonomatic RAIS are UKAS (ISO 17020) accredited and has a wealth of in-service inspection knowledge. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are qualified and experienced in American Petroleum Institute (API) codes such as API 510, API 570, API 579, API 653 and ASME codes ASME B31.3, ASME B16.5, ASME VIII and PD 5500 as well as British Standards.


Sonomatic RAIS offers comprehensive inspection services to help the oil and gas industry comply with regulatory requirements and standards. Our pressure vessel inspection services are conducted by highly trained and professional staff who are up to date on the latest standards and regulations. This ensures a proactive approach to compliance. We also offer AICIP services.

These inspections are conducted by authorised and experienced inspectors and are designed to assess the condition of pressure vessels and other assets to ensure the safe continued operation of the plant. Our asset integrity service helps companies proactively manage their pressure vessel assets, maintaining productivity and preventing unscheduled downtime. This service includes regular inspection and facilities maintenance, as well as fitness for service.


Sonomatic RAIS  alongside other companies within the CWL Group has led the charge in heavily reducing and eventually removing manned inspections through improved methods such as Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII), and improved technologies such as Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI), Robotic Crawlers, Pipeline Crawlers, Unmanned Areal Vehicles (UAVs), and Mini-and Micro-ROVs.

The SPHERA crawler especially, is a Sonomatic RAIS developed, semi-autonomous weld inspection tool for the internal and external inspection of spheres and other carbon steel vessels.

SPHERA is a safer, more effective and economical approach to inspecting inside confined spaces. Changing the way the data is collected, significantly increases the quality and quantity of the data and ultimately reduces confined space entry, costs and the impact on our environment.

Sonomatic RAIS offers the latest generation RDVI systems and robots alongside the most experienced team to ensure the best-in-class outcome and safety excellence for all projects.




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