Raptor II NDT Scanner

The Raptor II is a significant update to Sonomatic’s field proven Raptor automated ultrasonic scanner. It retains the industry leading ultrasonic performance and includes a range of improvements in mechanical performance. These provide increased scanning speeds and faster, more straightforward deployment on site.

As with the original scanner, the main application of Raptor II is for rapid corrosion mapping of large areas, as would typically be a requirement in Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) of pressure vessels and storage tank wall inspection.

Additionally, Sonomatic, has the platform to make modifications and customise not only this tool but all our robotics to meet specific client needs, ensuring versatility and precision in inspection.

Key Features

An image of the RAPTOR II scanner in the process of scanning the underside of a concrete pipe
  • Accurate ultrasonic corrosion mapping with industry leading performance as validated by the HOIS joint industry project.
  • Ability to deploy 0 degree corrosion mapping, TOFD, Multiskip and CHIME.
  • Rapid coverage inspections, suitable for NII of pressure vessels and storage tanks.
  • Customisable.
  • Integrates with Sonomatic's Microplus ultrasonic systems.
  • Real time imaging and review of data during inspection.
  • Up to 16 channels of ultrasonic data, with storage of full waveforms for subsequent processing.
  • Data suitable for statystical analysis, e.g. in support of sample inspection approaches. Easy integration into SIMS.
An image of the RAPTOR II scanner in the process of scanning a concrete pipe
  • Generate composite thickness maps automatically with both corrosion mapping and TOFD screening data.
  • Data suitable for Fitness for Service Assessments including Level 3 assessment based on finite element analysis.
  • Immersion probe for water gap inspection.
  • Capability to drive axially and circumferentially on vessels, piping and tanks, even to small diameters.
  • Steerable during the inspection.
  • Cross arm widths (defining corrosion mapping coverage) between 500mm and 1200mm.
  • Light weight for ease of deployment.
  • Strong magnetic wheels, allowing travel on vertical and uneven surfaces.
  • Ability to operate with an umbilical length of 25m with water supply to a height of 20m.

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