Engineering & Draughting Services

Sonomatic’s Integrity Services department provides engineering and operational support for our clients to maximise the production and life of their assets. We achieve this by combining years of experience in this field with specialised engineering, planning, execution, data analytics, statistical methods, and custom software development.

Traditional integrity management systems are designed around the planning and utilisation of visual inspection and conventional NDT. However, advanced NDT and Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) makes up a growing percentage of the market.

This is where our specialised integrity services find their niche; supporting integrity management through effective planning for a robust, objective analysis of advanced inspection.

Sonomatic has pioneered the formal industry approach for NII and has developed practical statistical methods for inspection planning through simulation. Therefore, Sonomatic RAIS is well-positioned to support the integrity management sector in its inevitable transition to increased data-driven decision making.

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Draughting Services

Within our current team, we have an experienced draughting resource that can offer a solution to develop and/or amend essential inspection isometrics for corrosion loop piping systems and vessel/tank inspection drawings.

Using on-site sketches and Microsoft Visio, a Sonomatic RAIS draughting resource would ensure that all corrosion loop drawings reflect the layout of refinery pipework and match the boundaries on the marked-up P&IDs supplied by the client. This would allow the client the opportunity to create a gap analysis capturing all lines drawn, eliminating the risk of orphan/unendorsed lines.

Isometrics have proven beneficial when working on time-intensive projects allowing all on-site services to organise and plan critical tasks ensuring smooth collaborative working between all parties.

Ultimately, the goal of this team is to provide essential isometrics to be utilised by the client which would potentially minimise delays and reduce unforeseen costs.


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