Petrochemical service provider company in United kingdom -Sonomatic


SONOMATIC RAIS provides Conventional and Advanced NDT Services in the Petrochemical sector. We offer global inspections that deliver comprehensive results while your plant is in operation, in addition to traditional interval based inspection programs.

By using our knowledge gained in our first term contract and having validated our belief that term contracts can absolutely be managed in a much better, efficient and collaborative manner, we are more confident than ever that we can offer our clients a competent, committed and strong partner to manage the NDT Inspection term contract.

Our focus is never diluted, from the second we engage on site, SONOMATIC RAIS will complete a health check on all current systems and procedures, presenting you with our views on how we think the contract should best moved forward – we understand the inclusion and engaging of all key parties is crucial to getting the buy in needed when building any new system. However, as we develop and begin to work together, not only will it help confirm our performance as a trusted critical partner to but it will create an inclusive, encouraging environment for all parties involved in the safe management of running plants.

SONOMATIC encourage open minds, curious minds and people with a real passion and willingness to bring new life to old contracts, new ideas to reality and new styles of Management and Team work to new contracts - we offer something different, so we tend to look for that when we recruit. Communication and openness is offered, encouraged and welcomed from all sides, from our interactions with the Inspection Teams, to the contractors involved in other operations on the plants, communication, an open-mind and a willingness to work together (regardless of who it benefits at the time) has been the key to SONOMATIC RAIS delivering on all of our commitments.

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