Radiographic Testing (RT) is a non-destructive testing method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short X-rays and gamma rays to penetrate various materials and can be carried out on our clients sites (under a strictly controlled environment) or within our Radiography bays.

The vast majority of radiography concerns the testing and grading of welds on pressurised piping, pressure vessels, high-capacity storage containers, pipelines, and some structural welds. Other tested materials include welder’s test plates, machined parts, plate metal, or pipewall (locating anomalies due to corrosion or mechanical damage).

Radiography Testing (RT)

SONOMATIC have the ability to carry out Radiography in any of our seven Purpose Built Radiography Compounds as well as on client premises, under a strictly controlled environment. We can offer both conventional radiography as well as Digital Radiography methods. One of the advantages of digital radiography is that it does not require the use of wet chemicals for processing, diminishing the need for chemical use and the associated hazards that come with that process. There is also a smaller amount of radiation required to produce a digital image than that required to produce a conventional film.


A Sonomatic RAIS Rope Access and Inspection Services Technician providing Visual Inpsection for a client inside The Core, Aberdeen multi disciplined NDT facility in Scotland


SCARPro source projector is used for industrial non-destructive testing applications of gamma radiography with Selenium-75. SCARPro can be used as a category I or II exposure device. When used in SCAR mode (category I), the SCARPro allows radiography to be performed in congested work areas with a minimal distance to the controlled areas. When used as a traditional projector (category II), standard Sentinel™ source guide tubes and collimators allow the Selenium-75 source to be used for axial, radial and panoramic exposures.


A photo of film development in the dark room following Radiography by one of Sonomatic RAIS Rope Access and Inspection Services Technicians at The Core in Aberdeen Scotland

OVDX – OpenVision™

Live video x-ray system enables real time, qualitative screening for corrosion under insulation (CUI). CUI causes unscheduled downtime if not identified and corrected, posing major cost and safety issues. Identify problem areas quickly, saving valuable time and resources. Scan miles with OpenVision™ versus mere feet accomplished by other NDT methods. OVDX effectively increases inspection productivity in refinery, pipeline and offshore environments. Video images and still image captures can be stored using a DVR.

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