Sonomatic is a leader in such techniques as TOFD and has designed and continues to develop innovative inspection methods that are applied by our own team of experienced field service engineers.

Time of Flight Diffraction, TOFD for short, can be used for a number of different applications, however it is primarily used for rapid weld testing of circumferential and axial weld seams or perpendicular TOFD scanning. SONOMATIC RAIS offers TOFD using the Olympus Omniscan inspection technology. TOFD offers rapid weld inspection with excellent flaw detection and sizing capacities. The diffraction technique provides critical sizing capability with relative indifference to bevel angle or flaw orientation. TOFD can be utilized on its own or in conjunction with other NDT techniques.

About TOFD

  • Based on diffraction, so relatively indifferent to weld bevel angles and flaw orientation
  • Uses time of arrival of signals received from crack tips for accurate defect positioning and sizing
  • Precise sizing capability makes it an ideal flaw monitoring method
  • Quick to set up and perform an inspection, as a single beam offers a large area of coverage
  • Rapid scanning with imaging and full data recording
  • Can also be used for corrosion inspections
  • Required equipment is more economical than phased array, due to conventional nature (single pulser and receiver) and use of conventional probes
  • Highly sensitive to all weld flaw types

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