Ultrasonic Inspection testing service provider company in united kingdom


Ultrasonic Inspection is used for wall thickness measurement, welds inspection and detects volumetric defects.

These are normally applied to the structures in order to detect corrosion, erosion, internal defects such as laminations or inclusions.

They are also applied to welds to detect fabrication defects and when in-service to detect weld root erosion and fatigue cracks. These techniques rely on favourable orientation of the imperfections to be noted relative to the direction of the applied ultrasound. The geometry of the imperfection such as pitting is also a main consideration.

SONOMATIC technicians are qualified for the full range of UT Testing Techniques from:-

  • Thickness Checking (UT 3.0)
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Welds (UT 3.1 3.2)
  • T-Pieces (UT 3.7)
  • Nozzles and Nodes (UT 3.8 3.9)
  • Forgings and Castings

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